RONSOR ENGINEERING is a Singapore incorporated company established in 1985. Our years of experience and co-operation with various international instrumentation and control companies make us the ideal candidate to bring solutions to work for you.

OUR affiliations make us one of the more respected instrumentation and control companies in Singapore and the ASEAN region. We have since achieved continuous growth through a focused and comprehensive analysis of customers' needs and objectives, starting with a qualified analysis of your application and following up with a customized range of products and services to meet these specific requirements.

OUR range of products includes state-of-the-art instrumentation and control products for oil refineries, utilities, petrol chemical industries and pharmaceutical. With a proven product reliability, quality and experience, we customize our tools and service for your applications with the most cost-effective terms.

WE justify the trust placed in us through a clear principle that governs all our activities, reliability in our aftersales customer service, integrity and professionalism.